Unit Make-Ready Management

SuiteSpot's Automated workflows make the messy process of getting units completely turnovered or repositioned consistent and predictable month over month.

Key Features

Consistent Workflows

Custom make-ready workflows guide staff through the turnover process based on your needs and timelines. Catalogs for repairs and upgrades (based on unit- or building-level specifications) ensure the process is completed on time, in the right order. Managers receive alerts when predicted deadlines are missed.

Real-time Collaboration

Let field staff, your management team and trusted vendors access and update project progress in real-time. All users can leave notes, set reminders, send completion notifications, and escalate issues using a single platform—whether they’re online or off—keeping your turnovers on schedule.

Faster Scoping & Procurement

Help field staff properly scope make-ready tasks using an intelligent catalog of custom items and repairs, and get price estimates for the work with expected payback. Quickly approve their requests, and distribute work orders to trusted contractors or internal staff so work starts quickly.

Track Expenses & Improve Budgeting

Reduce costs and improve NOI by optimizing the make-ready renovation process. Track all of your historical turnover data and spending so you can improve your processes and build more accurate budgets. SuitSpot also forecasts spending using predictive analytics from unit condition inspections.

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