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Improve Performance Across Projects, Properties and Regions

SuiteSpot Maintenance™ is our flagship product that includes Mobile Work Orders, Mobile Turnover Management, Order Entry & Vendor Engagement, Asset Tracking, Preventative Maintenance and Smart Translation™

Maintenance Enterprise Core™

SuiteSpot Maintenance™ is built around a strong and deep enterprise backend to provide the stability, security, data management and necessary integrations for multifamily owners & operators. It’s the first purpose-built facilities management enterprise platform with an enterprise foundation and architecture.

All in one platform
  • Workflow Engine

    SuiteSpot is built with a flexible and configurable workflow engine. This allows users to configure advanced workflows without requiring a technical background . Here are some of the features supported by the SuiteSpot Workflow Engine:

    • Flexible Task Assignment - tasks can be manually or automatically assigned to individuals or groups of users
    • Due Dates - tasks can be configured to carry due dates based on calendar durations, milestones dependencies, or dynamic rules
    • Task Escalations - tasks that become overdue automatically generate escalations to higher level management. This allows managers to apply a “management by exception” approach where they know that as long as there are no escalations, processes are being executed according to the plan
    • Task Dependencies - tasks can be configured to start after other tasks to ensure a “pass the baton” approach
    • Reminder Tasks - help close the loop on awaiting information from other stakeholders 
    • Deferred Tasks - hide tasks until they are relevant, e.x. Don’t create a punch list to be performed until the move-out date has passed
  • Workflow Audit Log

    All SuiteSpot workflows and task actions are captured in job specific logs. The log provides a complete  timeline of actions that shows who did what, when it was done, and what happened after that.  This includes any changes made by integrated 3rd party systems.

  • Hierarchical System Configuration™

    SuiteSpot Maintenance™ features a unique hierarchical system where any setting can be applied  in a top down fashion. . This greatly simplifies data management and rule setting for large portfolios by reducing the number of configuration changes needed.E.x. If all properties should use one inspection template, not only is only one template required but you can assign it to the company and all properties will inherit that template and setting. 

    The SuiteSpot Hierarchical System Configuration™ is used for everything in the system from material/service catalogs, taxation, timezone settings, inspection templates and workflow configuration.

  • Hierarchical Role Assignment and Data Visibility

    Similar to configuration, security is driven by user/role assignments that are hierarchically configured. This allows regional managers to be configured only at a region level and then automatically inherit their role and permissions to all the properties in the region. The system also allows exceptions where roles or permissions can be revoked for part of a portfolio hierarchy. 

    Data visibility and security is enforced using the same Hierarchical Role Assignment rules. Users only see workflows and tasks from the properties/communities they are assigned to.

  • Single Sign On

    SuiteSpot supports single sign on meaning users can use the login credentials they are familiar with and not add another username & password to remember.

Work Orders and Service Requests

SuiteSpot Maintenance™ includes a complete solution for work order creation, completion, and management, all of which can be done from the mobile app.

Desktop - work order dashboard highlighting technicians
  • Flexible Assignment with Roles and Skills

    Work orders can be automatically assigned to specific technicians depending on their skill sets but also allow techs to pick up new work when there is nothing specifically assigned to them.  Maintenance managers also have a complete view of technician load, pending work orders, and directs them to address the most urgent tasks first.

  • Custom Fields

    The SuiteSpot Maintenance™ platform allows customers to configure custom fields to gather additional data while the work order is being performed.  Whether you want before & after photos, the techs opinion of what caused the issue, or confirmation that a door tag has been placed, you can define all of these requirements and SuiteSpot will enforce them.

  • Time Tracking

    Work orders include the ability to track how much time each tech is spending on a work order. Work logs can be added by techs or they can be tracked using a Clock-In/Clock-Out method to measure actual work hours. Worklogs can include technician comments which improves communication and tracking progress on work that spans multiple visits to site.

  • Integrations

    The SuiteSpot Maintenance™ work order module is fully integrated with the major PMS’. The system features real-time synchronization including work assignment, scheduling, category, prioritization and general work order field updates. Where available, SuiteSpot is able to synchronize attached pictures or documents to and from the PMS.

Make Ready and Unit Turnovers

The SuiteSpot Maintenance™ Make Ready/Turnover module enables end-to-end standardization of the make ready and renovation process across the portfolio.  By standardizing processes, improvements and efficiencies are gained in the field, while ensuring compliance with company standards.

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  • Scoping Inspections/Scope of Work

    Typical make-ready/unit turns and complete renovations managed with SuiteSpot are fully documented down to each necessary repair or activity, with associated photo evidence. This helps decision makers by providing context on expenses and allows internal staff and contractors to better understand the scope of work, eliminating redundant trips to and from the apartment and maintenance shop.

    SuiteSpot can generate quotes and purchase orders that are pre-configured with the appropriate accounting GL Codes. This eases reconciliation and ensures goods and services are procured in a uniform way across the portfolio.

  • Vendor Engagement

    The Vendor Engagement module features complete Quoting, Work Tracking and Quality Control functionality that allows staff to communicate with vendors by performing their tasks in SuiteSpot. This eliminates the need for staff to access computers for email or data input , allowing them to stay in the units and  increasing their  productivity and eliminating errors and process delays.

  • Quality Control

    At the end of a Make-Ready/Renovation job, SuiteSpot can automatically schedule Quality Control Inspections. These inspections allow the progress of the work to be tracked for all the work items required  for the Job. If any deficiencies are identified the system automatically creates and sends deficiency notices  to any vendor or technician with deficient work.

  • Renovation ROI

    Pricing and financial information related to renovation jobs also feature the ROI Calculator. This prominently shows the number of months that will be required to recoup the renovation cost in order to drive decisions.

    The ROI Calculator™ takes into account the rent paid by the outgoing resident, the market rent/, the amount of vacancy loss incurred, and the expenses needed to renovate the unit. The ROI calculator also tracks the “actual rent” paid by the next resident (e.g. when a new resident becomes “current” on the unit). This helps with building variance reports (e.g. investment made/approved based on an expected rent that maybe is not actually realized).

  • Approval Process

    Multi-level approval processes ensure everyone that needs to give their approval for job costs is able to do so before any costs have been incurred. Approvals can be performed on the SuiteSpot Mobile app, allowing management and executives to make approval decisions on the go. 

    The approval screen offers the full job context, including the scope items, pricing (including comparing against the average price), assignments, schedule dates and even the photos and notes taken during the process. The ROI Calculator™ results are presented to help with the financial decision making and ensure company business targets are met and enforced (e.g. ROIs below the guidelines will be shown in red to alert the deviation).

  • Make Ready Board

    The Make Ready and Renovations module features a fully automated Make Ready Board (SuiteSpot MRB™) to track the progress of each job. The Make Ready Board prominently displays the status of each phase in the process, including Scope of Work items that are assigned to vendors. The Make Ready board is automatically updated when tasks are performed in the mobile or web apps.

    The SuiteSpot MRB™ is not only a display of progress but allows Property Managers to have complete control over the assignment and scheduling of work items in the job, even across multiple jobs and properties at the same time. This becomes very helpful in large communities where a high number of turns are happening at the same time and they require similar services.

    In addition to tracking the status of the job, the Make Ready Board can be configured to display custom tasks and requirements from the job, unit, or property that is being renovated.

    The SuiteSpot Make Ready Board can replace traditional office white boards and can be easily displayed on a television or monitor to show real time status updates and you no longer need to be on site to see or interact with the make ready board.

  • Integrations

    The SuiteSpot Maintenance™ Make Ready module is fully integrated with MRI and Yardi and allows initiation of turn information from Notice to Vacate (NTVs) entered in MRI or Yardi. In addition, the SuiteSpot Make Ready module can be triggered using REST APIs to facilitate connection to any 3rd party system.

Resident Chargeback™ Documentation and Recovery Workflow

The SuiteSpot Resident Chargeback™ module allows property staff to collect evidence and build resident chargeback documentation to recover costs for excessive wear and tear while they perform their regular tasks.. Users can  take pictures and add notes of the situation or better documentation of the damage.

Any identified resident charges can be sent to the resident containing any potential costs they may incur if damages are not rectified.  All document templates sent to the resident can be configured with your logo, legal wording, photo & note evidence, and any other details you require.


Preventative Maintenance

SuiteSpot Maintenance™ features an integrated maintenance scheduler. The scheduler can be applied to work orders, inspections, checklists, or any other job type being performed in SuiteSpot.

Mobile - smart scheduler
  • Task Scheduler

    The maintenance scheduler allows scheduling that can range from tasks occurring multiple times a day to those occurring only once every 5 years. It can be used for a variety of recurring jobs/tasks including:

    -Daily, monthly, quarterly property walks/inspections

    -Security walks

    -Asset preventative maintenance and mechanical inspections

    -Amenity inspections

    -Health and safety inspections

    -Annual unit inspections 

    -Weather logs, fire logs

    -Fire/life safety inspections

    Scheduled tasks can be easily assigned to multiple properties, regions, or the entire portfolio. This helps maintain preventative maintenance and regulatory compliance across large portfolios with a few clicks.


SuiteSpot Maintenance™ features an industry leading inspection engine, driven by Smart Inspection Templates™ that take into account the floor plan and features of each unit that is being inspected and only adds those relevant items to the inspection. This greatly simplifies the management process by allowing a single template to serve all properties and all types of units.

Mobile - Scope-Overview-phone-mockup-w-popout
  • SuiteSpot Smart Inspection Templates™

    SuiteSpot Smart Inspection Templates™ can be customized to capture a variety of data including ratings, text, photos, and more.  You can identify any items that are mandatory and can also require photos and/or notes to be entered for specific items or ratings.

  • Inspection Summarizer™

    The SuiteSpot Inspection Summarizer™, analyzes bulk inspection data to provide a summary of the findings across multiple units and properties. This is especially useful when dealing with inspection campaigns or when tracking the state and condition of units in a portfolio. 

    Inspection Summaries can then be used to automatically create work orders to address urgent problems in bulk or to drive strategic capital budget planning, such as upgrade or repair budgeting. By using a scoring system, SuiteSpot inspections can provide summaries of issues that may present health and safety liabilities, energy efficiency opportunities, or other improvement programs.

  • Work Order Integration

    SuiteSpot inspections are closely integrated with SuiteSpot work orders. New work orders are  automatically created whenever a deficiency is found during an inspection and requires immediate attention.

  • Resident Self Inspections

    Resident self inspections enable property managers or site staff to send in-unit inspections to be completed by residents (move-in, service request checklists, etc.) . The resident does not need to install anything on their phone or be enrolled in the system.

    The inspection is sent via a secure link (email or text) to the resident who uses their phone to perform the inspection (including rating inspection items, taking photos and notes). The inspection is uploaded to SuiteSpot and is available for the property manager to review and use in SuiteSpot processes.

Smart Asset Tracker™

SuiteSpot Smart Asset Tracker™ solves current problems with locating assets/appliances, managing warranty and strategic procurement, determining expected lifetime, and detecting premature failures.

Desktop - protect property and assets
  • Flexible Asset ID

    SuiteSpot Smart Asset Tracker™ features a flexible asset identification tool. An asset record can simultaneously store a manufacturer serial number and a company issued ID. The system allows scanning any of these IDs to locate the asset.

  • Rich Asset Data

    SuiteSpot Smart Asset Tracker™ stores a variety of information about the asset including location, status and condition, spec sheets, notes, photos, and other documents.

  • Inspection Integration

    The Smart Asset Tracker™ fully integrates with the SuiteSpot TRIMM™ inspection module, allowing “Asset Items” to be included in any inspection template. Asset Items allow the user to scan any of the barcodes identifying the asset and then take note of the status of the asset, take photos or notes. The photos and notes are automatically added to the asset history as soon as the inspection is completed. 

    The “Asset History” references this information and allows users to navigate into the inspection document to see the full context of the data recorded. 

    “Asset Condition” fields completed during the inspection automatically update to the asset data to ensure the system always provides an up to date view on asset status and condition. 

    Additionally, inspection data can also update the location of the asset. This is especially useful for tracking appliances in large apartment complexes where they can be moved between units during turns/renovations. Adding asset tracking to inspections during turns, move-out, move-in, and periodic unit inspections ensures that the asset location tag is up to date, even if field associates forget to mark a change of location for an appliance. 

  • Work Order Integration

    The SuiteSpot Smart Asset Tracker™ is fully integrated with the work order module, allowing assets to be scanned and associated with work orders. The system will alert associates if the appliance that is part of a service request is currently under warranty, preventing unnecessary or even warranty voiding repairs.

  • Asset History

    SuiteSpot collects and retains all lifetime information about an asset including location, photos, warranty information, manuals and any other pertinent materials. All changes to the information are documented, ensuring complete visibility and traceability.

  • NFC Tag Support

    For operations that are location sensitive, SuiteSpot implements an NFC tag scanning feature that is fully integrated with the Work Order and Inspection Module. The system can prevent the completion of the Work Order or Inspection, unless a predetermined asset tag is scanned . This can act as an additional proof of location method, as NFC tags are relatively difficult to replicate.

Smart Translation™

The SuiteSpot Smart Translation™ add-on allows the system to automatically translate text and allows users to see & interact with the app in their preferred language. 

The system translates service request/work order descriptions, notes, work log comments, inspection notes and reports. This allows users that primarily interact in Spanish to read a translated version of any information that was entered in the system in English, and the other way around. The SuiteSpot user interface also allows users to see the original non-translated version of any text that has been translated by the system. 

The feature is complemented by new document templating and translation features that allow residents to be sent official communication in the language of their preference.

Smart Translation gif

Applications for Multifamily

Unit Turns and Renovations
Unit Turns & Renovations

Cut your unit turnover times in half and save 4+ hours of administrative work on every turn.

Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance
Prevenative & Scheduled Maintenance

Organize, automate and execute planned maintenance and recurring tasks.

Maintenance and Work Orders
Maintenance & Work Orders

Streamline the process, stay organized and respond quickly to any issue, any time.

Your All-in-One Turnovers, Renovations, Inspections & Maintenance Management Solution