Property Operations Dashboard & Reports

Go beyond simply getting the job done. Built-in reporting and analytics tools help surface inefficiencies and potential problems - while leading you to solutions - with just a couple of clicks.

Key Features

Personalized Dashboards

Field staff and executives can see personalized data that meets their needs. View outstanding, overdue, and upcoming work at a glance, or monitor project and task progress from your desktop or mobile device.

Forecasting & Budgets

Accurately predict future move-outs and renovation costs, along with capital plans to forecast spending. Monitor progress and budgets with variance reports that will alert you to possible issues when they can still be mitigated.

Trends & Tendencies

Properties, staff, and project performance change over time. Comparison tools let you see who and what is performing the best while identifying underperforming people and properties so you can make needed improvements.

Exception Reporting

Send alerts and escalations (via email or push notifications) to the appropriate field staff’s mobile device when requirements are not met, so they prioritize the most important tasks each day and resolve potential issues faster.

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