Mobile Inspections

Say "Goodbye!" to clipboards. Let field personnel easily and accurately perform condition inspections using a smartphone or tablet so you know your portfolio is properly maintained - without having to go on-site.

Key Features

Accurate Mobile Inspections

Customize workflows and timelines to match your building and unit types so field staff perform move-in, move-out, and common area inspections consistently every time from their mobile device. Schedule alerts so routine inspection aren’t missed.

Real-time Tracking

Track your field staff’s progress— from inspection notes to digital sign off of work completed. Be alerted when field staff miss inspection deadlines, resident chargebacks are needed, or when work isn’t completed properly and must be redone by a vendor.

Safe Digital Storage

View and store inspection photos and written notes of unit conditions (including digital sign-off from residents or field staff when work is complete) for chargeback or compliance purposes—and reduce the need for on-site visits.

Enhanced Metrics

Create scoring metrics to generate meaningful information from your inspection results. Counts, costs, and risk levels are automatically calculated with each unit that is inspected—making it easier to track costs and ensure property quality is maintained.

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