At SuiteSpot we recognize that technical solutions are even more valuable when they interconnect in flexible ways allowing organizations to assemble end to end solutions to drive their operations. Our platforms are engineered using open standards and provide comprehensive APIs to query and operate on the data in the SuiteSpot system.

PMS Integration Interface. The PMS integration interface allows organizations to connect all the field operations performed in the SuiteSpot system with financial and enterprise resource planning systems operated at corporate office level. The interface provides flexible input and synchronization of financial information (purchase orders, expenses, resident charges) and operational information (work order information). This allows organizations that have a long standing investment in a system of records to keep operating that system while fully realizing the benefits that SuiteSpot brings to the field operations team.

In addition to financial information, resident information and resident events are also synchronized to allow automatic initiation of field workflows (e.g. when residents provide notice to vacate or at lease end) or to facilitate communication with the tenant when access to occupied units is required.

The PMS Integration Interface is available for Yardi Systems (two way integration) including access to the following Yardi Modules: Vendor Invoicing, Service Requests, Billing and Payments. For clients utilizing the Yardi Job Cost module, SuiteSpot is fully compatible with Yardi job identifiers and category accounting.

Contact us for more details on MRI System, RealPage or other 3rd party systems.

Business Intelligence Interface. While SuiteSpot includes powerful analytics capabilities out of the box, we do recognize that complex business decisions can benefit from holistic, inter-disciplinary data processing and visualization as provided by 3rd party specializes Business Intelligence tools. The SuiteSpot BI Interface allows such systems to query and extract data in the SuiteSpot system for analytical processing and presentation. The interface is developed using a modern RESTful approach.

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