Maintenance and Work Orders

Maintenance & Work Orders

Streamline maintenance processes, stay organized and respond quickly to any issue, any time.

Create, assign and execute work orders from a single digital platform

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Always Stay Organized

Use a centralized system to handle all work orders, preventative maintenance and turnovers. Nothing gets lost, missed or forgotten about.

  • Quickly assess current workloads
  • Revise tasks and identify potential problem areas for early intervention
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Streamline Communications

Automated alerts and messages keep your team, vendors and residents up-to-date on what’s happening now and what needs to happen next.

  • Trigger notifications when attention is required
  • Get notified via email or push notification
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Gain Greater Visibility

Status updates are provided in real-time, so it’s easy to see exactly where everything sits and know exactly when work gets done.

  • Track labor and expenses to stay on budget
  • No more wondering what’s happening or worrying deadlines and budgets will be missed
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Greater Productivity, Lower Costs

Field and office staff spend less time on entering data, going to and from the office, travelling to the hardware store and other manual tasks.

  • Full Integration with property management software
  • Fewer errors and faster communication mean work gets done quicker than ever

Key Features for Maintenance and Work Orders

Smart Work Order Management

Work orders get integrated with all your other operations, so field staff can work as efficiently as possible. Assign tasks to people with the right skill set and complete them in the order that makes sense.

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All-in-One Maintenance App

Field staff can receive and review assignments, capture data via custom fields, upload photos and complete inspections without the need to go back to the office.

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Benchmark & Measure Progress

Review analytics and track trends across property dashboards. Ensure accountability and identify areas 
for improvement.

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Focused Reports & Forecasting

Gain greater visibility into spending and schedules to further improve processes, control costs and better predict future expenses.

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How SuiteSpot TRIMM™ works for Maintenance & Work Orders

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Generate and assign work orders automatically, based off of resident service requests
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Staff receive and complete assignments. Work order status and photos are documented in real time
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Oversight and visibility into delays are shared through alerts and escalated accordingly
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Satisfaction surveys are distributed to ensure residents are happy with the repairs

More Applications for Multifamily Property Operators

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Get units rent-ready faster with greater productivity, improved resident and employee experiences and significantly lower costs.

Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance
Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance

Prevent unexpected breakdowns, increase productivity, and reduce the number of service calls.

Maintenance & Work Orders
Maintenance & Work Orders

Streamline the process, stay organized and respond quickly to any issue, any time.

Additional Features

  • End-to-end process management
  • Task automation & tracking
  • Alerts and escalations
  • Operational dashboards
  • Trends and analytics 
  • Variance and anomalies KPI & notifications
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Smart Make-Ready dashboard
  • Resident chargeback workflow & reporting
  • All-in-One Mobile app
  • Smart translation & communication 
  • Smart templates 
  • Smart work orders/service requests management
  • Smart process compliance
  • Smart project management
  • Auto asset & warranty tracking 
  • Inventory management
  • Smart data entry
  • Smart reporting
  • Smart inspections
  • Smart triggers
  • Preventative maintenance scheduler
  • Mobile order entry and vendor engagement
  • Smart services and fixtures standardization 
  • Centralized resource scheduler
  • Smart Property Contract Manager™ 
  • Open API and PMS plug-ins

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