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SuiteSpot TRIMM™ Makes User Adoption Simple

Your people have more important things to do than to learn how to use a new technology applications. The #1 complaint from company executives about implementing new tech is the time it takes to learn and the disruption associated with adoption.

Using TRIMM™ is as simple as playing a song, sending a text on your phone. This means your team stays focused on what matters most.

User adoption

The Problem With Unit Turnover & Field Maintenance Processes

Stop for a moment and think about your process.

We’ll bet these points are true:

  • It's a disjointed mix of automated (PMS, spreadsheets, docs, etc.) and manual (whiteboards, post-it notes) processes
  • It’s slow
  • It’s disruptive
  • It’s opaque


Solving the problem requires:

  • A defined, documented, and dynamic process
  • A centralized vendor, workforce and project management system
  • An intuitive, cloud-based app blending a consumer front end UX for ease and flexibility and an enterprise back end for stability, security, and integration


Multifamily operators that adopt SuiteSpot can expect to increase NOI by $300,000* per year through vacancy loss savings, resident chargeback recovery and increased operational efficiencies.

*Based on 1,000 units.


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Chaos is Bad for Business

of Turnovers Have Scheduling Errors

SuiteSpot-InfoGraphic-ScopeChanges_56%of Turnover Delays Due to Scope Changes

of Hold Time is Added due to Delayed Decisions

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It has made a great difference in the way I manage the suite turnover process and quality control aspect of my position, as well as the tenant chargeback follow-ups.


Janet Chamberlain, Director of Operations/ Residential

The deployment of Suite Spot has streamlined our turnover process and given us transparency in our financial reporting.

Park Property Management

Margaret Herd, Sr. Vice President, Residential Property Management & Chair, FRPO

SuiteSpot has become our operating platform enabling us to accelerate the rent readiness of units and ultimately bringing significant savings to our multi-family customers in time and money.

The Byng Group

Frank Settino, Chief Executive Officer